‘Sparkle’ I implore thee … Fight! Resist!

Sparkle, a piece of art depicting a skeleton filled with glowing embers.
Sparkle. An acrylic painting showing a skeleton containing glowing fizzling embers inside

That fizzle you feel around a campfire with friends. When you are in a certain state of mind. Sparkle!

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Perpetual Sky



From the dawn of man things on earths surface have been ever changing. The air, the water, the landscape, the dwellings eventually claimed by the elements. The sky however remains constant. The same constellations our ancestors looked up to and revered are the same ones we see at night. Etched into our DNA, humbling our spirit.

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Our own devices



A thousand devices to light our faces. Connect through the fog. In our own orbits. A positive interpretation of these little slates we hold so dear.The original is available. Contact me for details.

Prints, pillows, Phone cases, Greeting Cards, Shower curtains with this image are available!

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