A word about myself, Douglas Miller II.  I am an artist that enjoys creating things in a wide variety of mediums including Acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, wood carving etc. You will see that I sign my work “Dugs”. I find refuge in making things that do not exist in the world today. As a result I find myself behind a canvas trying to make this little piece of color come out. Within an over all structure that has some allegorical meaning. Or peeling pieces of wood away from a solid block of walnut. Until something resembling a human skull is revealed. As a result I learn. By doing.

I am also a working artist that can accomodate commissions including  Portrait work, design work including , stickers, tattoos, logos, album work. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can also see some of the process and the different mediums I work in on my Youtube channel. Like and subscribe please! You can also find work on the main page of course as well as here in the gallery.


Feel free to comment on any of the posts about anything that comes to mind! I will always engage with any comment or post. Because I have always loved to hear about how a certain piece speaks to the viewer. As a result this often this sparks a good conversation. Which often evokes the harder to get to thoughts within any candid observer. In conclusion art speaks what words sometimes cannot. It can take you right to the precipice and make you smile.

About the exhibition

Below is a picture of a former social media post promoting the first exhibition I had. I was just starting out with the actual promotion and showings of work publicly. So many people came to this exhibition! I was blown away. And these people were not only supportive but enthusiastic! It amazed me to see and hear what people had to say and share of their own. Truly changing the way I felt about people and the world. Life is good! and I think people are good, at heart. Usually.

A long description about the style in which the artist Dugs makes art.

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