The Woody Mammoth Project (still in progress)

A giant 20 foot Mammoth Elephant Mastodon Pachydermial Bon Fire. Thats right we are going to burn this. When we get it done. All things are ephemeral and maybe this is a reminder to enjoy the now. The day right here in front of us. To thank those that are still here. To be grateful for ‘what is’ and not hung up in the ‘what might be’ .
Made from Cattle gate steel, welded with a wire welder. Then cladded with forest fodder. A LOT of sticks. meshed together with a combination of twine and wire.
Just the act of doing this has brought some cool people around. It has brought good energy to the farm. Except for my dad who wants this thing burnt and gone! Ha.. well, with certain complications with the Covid thing, weather, and un foreseen difficulty… we don’t plan on burning this guy until Spring 2021.

Id like to thank
My brother Nick
His wife Beckey
Beckeys dad Art for supplying the Twine
Brumfield farms for a lot of the wood and the Cattle Gates
The magnificent Nichole Renee Sheaffer and her father
and most of all

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