Starting with the Gesso and no agenda I pushed in some Green Light and some Alizarin and rotated the canvas. I thought about a larger image of a crow with a lot of purple and red sheen coming through as a focal point. Nah. Spin the canvas on the

easel 90 degrees. Step back look at the randomness and think. Zoom in and move from Green to Cyan. Somewhere along the way a song “Passing Through” performed by Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff and others came through the speakers. This brought me to a crow funeral. A recent infatuation with these amazing little creatures had me pulling from recent journal entries and sketches. A lyric from another Isakov song “Im a ghost in the garden, scarin the crows” brought me closer. Different registers, multiple levels of light other dimensions, checking in and checking out. Were all on one road and were passin through.

Purchasing details here.

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