Union Strong T-shirts. New colors available now! Free shipping! 25$ to your door.

The new colorways are here! 3 in total now including Gray, Orange, and Black. Fresh off the press. Available in sizes small to 3x. ‘Union Strong’ An illustration that utilizes the 5-point perspective. From afar it appears as a screaming skull. Come in closer and you begin to see an elaborate jobsite replete with every Craft Ive come to work with in my 20 year career. This design has been a hit, and I sincerely thank all of you who have enthusiastically supported this design.

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Get the classic BLACK ‘Union Strong’ shirt HERE! (some sizes of this color are out of stock. I apologize)

Or simply visit my shop to look at other products available.

Collectively resembling a skull that serves to reflect the hard edged, dump truck full of pain, Rusty shovel to the head type grit of the people that fought the first real union battles. Also, to encompass  Good people, doing good work, living good lives.

union #carpenters #laborers #pipefitters #boilermakers #teamsters #finishers #masons #electricians #operators #millwrights #ironworkers #painters #insulators #sheetmetalworkers

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